The AMD Difference

Service Dog Curriculum & Temperament Testing

We are passionate about matching each family with a puppy who’s temperament fits their needs. We follow the Badass Breeders puppy curriculum, developed by Jeanette Forrey of 4eKennels.  The BAB way takes the pups through weeks of hands on curriculum. We introduce them to new environments, obstacles, noises, stimulation, and handling including ESI and ENS.

We temperament test our puppies using the BAB method and record each test so our prospective puppy families can see the process for themselves. We encourage you to check them out on our Youtube channel.

Our goal is to empower our pups to overcome their challenges and to empower families to understand the most effective way to approach their dog’s disposition. We work hard to educate families on dog ownership and to set realistic expectations of every stage of ownership from puppyhood, dog adolescence, to full maturity.

We make educating our puppy families a priority and are committed to give our AMD Pack families and their pups life long support!