Available Puppies

We are accepting applications for our Mini Aussie “AMD Picnic Pals” litter. To get on the waitlist, you need to email an application to aspenmountaindoodles@gmail.comYou can find the application process here.

You can also check out our available puppies & prices on our Good Dog page.

Picnic Pals

We will be keeping their NATURAL tails and NOT DOCKING them. Some of the pups are natural bobtail. The reason for not docking is it isn’t necessary unless the pups are going to herding or show homes. Our goals for temperament are companion homes or service/therapy homes. Docking tails is unnecessary.

 All AMD Picnic Pals are $1650.00. We require a $500.00 non-refundable reservation fee to get on the waitlist. Puppy pick outs are done after temperament testing, around 7 weeks old. All pick outs are done in order of when we received the reservation fee. Pups will be ready for their forever home at 8 weeks old. Their birthday is April 4 & go home weekend will be around May 31. Occasionally mini breeds take a little longer to mature, which is why this is a tentative date. Pups are raised on Badass Breeder Puppy Curriculum. Pups will go home with a sample of TLC Puppy Food, a vet/shot record, 30 days of Trupanion Pet Insurance, a customized puppy packet with helpful info, a blanket with mom & littermates scent, & a few other goodies. Visit our Application Process Tab to apply.

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